Twelve Oaks - Rehabilitation and Recreation Center

Twelve Oaks is a well known rehabilitation and recreation center in Poland. Situated in Central Poland, only about an hour drive from Warsaw and Lodz

The mission of the center is to help people with disabilities to achieve the highest level of fitness and independence possible.

Care and assistance of highly qualified physiotherapists, the best rehabilitation equipment paired with picturesque location make Twelve Oaks an ideal place to combine rehabilitation with recreation.

In our facility, adults are offered a wide range of specialist treatments, whilst children can combine effective rehabilitation with fun and development of cognitive skills.


Rehabilitation of children

Our team consists of therapists specializing in many methods of rehabilitation, among others, individual kinesiotherapy, also with the use of PNF method, the elements of Vojta’s method and NDT-Bobath method, kinesiotherapy with the use of Teratogs and a robot for teaching to walk (reoambulator), hand therapy, sensory integration, occupational therapy and logotherapy.

Moreover, during your stay in our Centre, we offer you the option of psychological support, both in individual or/and group form. The rehabilitation programme is, depending on the needs and the type of dysfunction, individually adapted to each child, following medical and physiotherapeutic consultation.

The children’s package includes:

  • physician’s consultation
  • physiotherapeutic consultation
  • nursing care
  • individual rehabilitation programme covering, from Monday to Friday, selected elements of:
    • Kinesiotherapy
    • occupational therapy
    • hand therapy
    • speech therapy
    • sensory integration
    • craniosacral therapy
    • psychotherapy
    • walk therapy using a walk robot and walk therapy(reoambulatory) minimum 1x during the package (subject to availability and medical indications)
    • Veronica Sherborne’s Method


The Rehabilitation and Recreation Centre Twelve Oaks specialises in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system diseases (also for people on wheelchairs), spinal pains and pains in peripheral joints.
In order to choose the most appropriate type of treatment and thus the most effective therapy, we provide individual consultations with medical rehabilitation physician. The proper choice of treatments depends, among others, on the type of disease, current medical condition and age of the patient, concomitant diseases and suffered diseases, medications taken and duration of disease.

In our center we provide care to patients with the following diseases:

  • Patients after coma
  • SM
  • cerebral stroke
  • spinal injuries
  • craniocerebral trauma
  • MPD
  • meningospinal hernia
  • oncological diseases
  • status post sprains and dislocations of joints
  • status post bone fracture
  • status post muscle injury
  • osteoarthritis
  • status post joint prosthetics
  • spinal pain syndrome, e.g. lumbago (low back pain)
  • discopathy, including complications caused by brachialgia and sciatica
  • RA (rheumatoid arthritis)

We also provide:
  • electrotherapy
  • shortwave diathermy
  • magnetotherapy
  • ultrasound
  • LED magneto therapy
  • laser therapy
  • IR therapy
  • kinesiotaping
  • hand therapy
  • master therapy
  • massages
  • manual therapy

For the guests of the resort, we have prepared 40 beds in building 1 and 40 in building 2, both located by the charming lake. Additionally, there is a fully equipped apartment for up to 6 people and 2 separate apartments situated in a villa with the lake view. Apartment and flats in villa are equipped with kitchenette and fridge.

Additionally, each room is equipped with a digital TV and has wireless Internet access. Most of the rooms and the entire Centre are fully accessible to the disabled persons.