About Us

Polish Health Centers is an association of rehabilitation & weight loss center and spine & orthopedic surgery hospital. Its purpose is to facilitate access to the services provided by the centers for patients from the Arab countries and to maintain the highest standards especially for those patients.

Our facilities have a good reputation in the Polish market and provide premium services at the global level, observing the international standards of quality. All of them have at their disposal experienced, highly qualified staff as well as professional facilities.

Medical staff and service workers are familiar with the culture and requirements of patients from the Middle East, which is a result of the many-year experience in working with the Arabs or in the Arab countries. Services performed by our association and its centers – from diet to language services – are fully customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of patients from the Arab countries.

Each patient shall be given a wide range of services included in the price of stay, i.e.:

  • transportation from the airport to the center to the airport
  • services of an Arabic-speaking representative of PHC
  • full board (three meals a day)
  • medical consultations (first and last)
  • program of treatments (as recommended by a physician)
  • translation services (if necessary)
  • city sightseeing